JOUR 215 Videos

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Project 1

In the first project I did for J215, we explored different shots including wide, long, medium, closeups and extreme closeups. There were several sequences shot over the course of a few hours around the city of Pittsburgh. I shot this alongside Jess Paterchak.
Role: Photographer, Editor
Lessons Learned: White balance and exposure are an incredibly tricky thing to get the hang of. Several shots were either over or underexposed and learning how to use the VJ kets was a challenge to say the least.


A brief Public Service Announcement for public transit using various shots throughout.
Role: Photographer, Editor
Lessons Learned: My first completely solo project, the challenge for me was lugging around the bulky equipment and then losing my goal of composition. Additionally, there were troubles actually tracking down busses. I learned that planning ahead only gets you so far and it’s incredibly helpful to actually have someone work with you.


Probably my favorite project, this natural sound-based project features the Campus Activity Board’s Late Night Bingo. Shot alongside Jess Paterchak yet again, I was able to do primarily the production elements whereas she conducted the interviews. I love working with audio (see the “radio” tab above) so I felt that this let me work within my element.
Role: Photographer, Editor
Lessons Learned: You never have enough B-Roll. I shot nearly 40 minutes worth of B-Roll with this and most of it was repetitive but the goal was to create a clean, consistent shot. I feel we accomplished that. I used some experimental tactics that night that never made it to the final cut – and I learned that that’s completely okay to abandon something you had your heart set on if it’s too much. It was event-based storytelling that I quite enjoyed working on.


That time I went totally abstract. So I’ve had this melody I crafted back in August stuck in my head since I made it. The trouble is, I can never reproduce that sound on a piano. I traced my steps from my dorm to my quiet piano spot – the basement of Thayer. Then I played piano and I played the audio in the background. I never once got it right but time charged onward and it needed done. So I edited it and things got trippy.
Role: Photographer, Musician, Editor
Lessons Learned: Never play piano. Also, this was another one-man-band kind of production and that was incredibly challenging to do. The white balance and jump cuts are off, I’ve never gotten the hang of correcting color in Premiere honestly, but I did my best on this one.

The Final:

I went to Point Park’s second annual mocktail mixoff and decided to make that my final news package. I had an hour to get everything together B-Roll wise and interview wise. It was a tight deadline, and the standups were done at a different time with assistance from Jess Paterchak.
Role: Photographer, Presenter, Interviewer, Editor
Lessons Learned: Don’t be afraid of standups or truncating interviews. I have a tendency to attempt to get the people to tell the story completely and wholly so I was hesitant to let the story be, but in the end that worked out. I learned color correction and image stabilization throughout crafting this project. Audio was a challenge but using the stick mic was a godsend.  Interviewing and running camera simultaneously is incredibly difficult and I admire the MMJs that do it daily.

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