Package Work:

Point Park NewsNight:
Episode 1:

Produced by co-producer Robert Bertha and I, episode 1 delves into the lead-up to the unprecedented strike of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties. Originally airing October 18, the piece delved into the key points of contention and brought it to a university audience.
Other Packages:

I wrote, shot, and edited this package on Point Park’s second annual Mocktail Mixoff. Conducting interviews throughout the course of the night, I told the story of who won and why.

I shot and edited this package on the Campus Activity Board’s Late Night Bingo program. With a particular focus on natural sound, the piece was shot over the course of a night and interviews were conducted by Jess Paterchak.

Voiceover Work:

U-View’s Election Night Coverage:
Main Introduction and Theme:

Commercial Break:

Commissioned by co-executive producer Josh Croup to record the voiceover work for U-View’s Election Night Coverage November 8, 2016. This included the main introductions of the hosts with theme, as well as bumper titles and a back-from-break bumper.