Directing and Producing Work:

Point Park NewsNight:
Sampler Reel of NewsNight:

Episode 6:

Produced by: Robert Bertha and Alexander Popichak
Directed by: Alexander Popichak
Writers: Alexander Popichak, Josh Croup, Jess Paterchak and Mike Turk
Hosts: Josh Croup and Jess Paterchak
Weather: Nick Kasisky
Sports: Mike Turk
Episode 6 of NewsNight shares recent national and international news stories. This episode originally aired on March 22nd, 2017 and originated from the Point Park University Center for Media Innovation. This episode was awarded Best Episode by Point Park’s television network U-View.

Package Work:

Point Park NewsNight:
Episode 1: APSCUF investigation

Produced by co-producer Robert Bertha and I, episode 1 delves into the lead-up to the unprecedented strike of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties. Originally airing October 18, the piece delved into the key points of contention and brought it to a university audience.
Other Packages:

I wrote, shot, and edited this package on Point Park’s second annual Mocktail Mixoff. Conducting interviews throughout the course of the night, I told the story of who won and why.

I shot and edited this package on the Campus Activity Board’s Late Night Bingo program. With a particular focus on natural sound, the piece was shot over the course of a night and interviews were conducted by Jess Paterchak.

Voiceover Work:

U-View’s Election Night Coverage:
Main Introduction and Theme:

Commercial Break:

Commissioned by co-executive producer Josh Croup to record the voiceover work for U-View’s Election Night Coverage November 8, 2016. This included the main introductions of the hosts with theme, as well as bumper titles and a back-from-break bumper.

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