Professional Video Techniques Page

***this is specifically designed to meet the requirements for a class project. For my general television work, please click here***

Travel Video: Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Description: This is a travel video showcasing the facilities and town of Carnegie, Pennsylvania. Being my hometown, I wanted to put our best foot forward showcasing our shops, nightlife, and the art dotting Carnegie. All of the footage was shot (some in April and some in August) by me, including the timelapses.
Lessons Learned: This is where run-and-gun photography with a DSLR was experimented with. I learned quite a bit about color correcting, matching audio to video and composition matching. From over 150 clips, this is what resulted. I’m pleased with the product but wish I had re-shot the video in August of the park.

PSA: The Pioneer Pantry

Description: This is a PSA done as an in-class group project. The footage is an aggregation between Casey Hoolahan, Nick Kasisky, Kayla Novak and I. The interviews were conducted by Casey Hoolahan and I. The task at hand was to craft a PSA that specifically addressed the volunteerism aspect of the pantry.
Lessons Learned: I learned a great deal about nesting and sourcing from multiple places. Between color correction issues to warp stabilization things, there was a lot that went into the mechanics of editing this project. All told, I would have probably re-shot our B-roll, considering that the dynamic more or less came across as downright shaky.

Marketing Video 1: Hosanna Industries, Inc.

Description: In a Wood Street Communications project, Hosanna Industries, Inc. approached me about making a video for their organization. While Hosanna has a large web presence composing of videos specifically highlighting certain aspects of their mission, they wanted to have a video about the mission on the whole. Alongside Nick Kasisky, I conducted several interviews at Hosanna’s Gibsonia campus. I was unable to be on-site for any of their builds due to the winter months, but instead was provided with various source footage. The challenge here was picture-pointing a video with a lot going on and very little actual footage to work with.
Lessons learned: I learned a great deal about working within Premiere. From scaling videos to global color correction and the altered Ken Burns effect, this was my first experience with a client where I had very little control over what video I had to work with. If given the time and resources, I would have much preferred to shoot my own B-Roll and some additional interviews.

Marketing Video 2: Robert Bertha for PA House – Meet the Candidate

Description: The Committee to Elect Robert Bertha approached me to create a video introducing the candidate and going over key platform points. The campaign chairman, Kristopher Chandler, was specific in the message and gave me the directive that “Robert must be on the screen at all times.” Overall, the challenge here was curating B-Roll in such a way that didn’t take away from the candidate’s presence and kept a fairly static video dynamic. In all, I shot the interview and the B-Roll of Robert speaking at a campaign event. I used footage from Point Park’s convocation to illustrate Robert’s involvement, and I used personal photos to illustrate his commitment to family.
Lessons learned: It’s incredibly challenging to make a campaign video dynamic. Furthermore, B-Roll is definitely king and I needed to be more creative with methods here. The Campaign wants videos for each of the platform points, so in approaching that I need to get more B-Roll of Robert at speaking engagements. I would also like to have dug deeper to get older pictures of Robert and his family – prior to announcing his run he completely cleared out his social media, making the quick turnaround a challenge.